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Write, test, maintain and deploy JavaScript and TypeScript web applications using Deno

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What will you learn from this book?
A complete guide with step-by-step explanations of Deno’s primitives, using them to build real-word applications.
Understand Deno’s essential concepts and features
Learn how to use Deno in real-world scenarios
Use Deno to develop, test and deploy web applications
What's inside
A 10 chapter guided journey on learning Deno and its features while building a complete web application, from hello world, to testing, adding users and deploying.
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I. Introduction
  1. What is deno?
  2. The toolchain
  3. Runtime and standard library
II. Building an application
  1. Building a web application
  2. Adding users and migrating to oak
  3. Authentication and connection the the database
  4. HTTPS, configuration and Deno on the browser
III. Testing and deploying
  1. Testing - Unit and integration
  2. Deploying a Deno application
  3. What's next?
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Deno is a JavaScript/TypeScript runtime with secure defaults and a great developer experience.

This book will introduce Deno’s primitives, its principles, and how developers can use it to build real-world applications.
After getting the reader comfortable with Deno and why it was created, we will start experimenting with Deno, exploring the toolchain, and writing simple scripts and CLI applications.

As we transition in the second section of the book, the reader will start with a very simple web application and will slowly add more features to it.
Throughout the book, this application will evolve from a simple "hello world" API to a web application connected to the database, with users, authentication, and a JavaScript client.

By the end of it, the reader will be comfortable using Deno to build real-world applications.

The author
Alexandre Portela dos Santos
Engineering manager / Tech lead @ KI labs
Alexandre Portela dos Santos photo

Alexandre Portela dos Santos is a software engineer passionate about products and startups. For the last 8+ years he's been working together with multiple companies, using technology as an enabler for ideas and businesses.

With a big interest in education and getting people excited about technology, he makes sure he's always involved with people that are learning about it, being it via blog posts, books, open source contributions, or meetups. This is, by itself, a learning adventure that Alexandre loves to be a part of.

Being a true believer that great software only happens through collaboration, ownership, and teams of great people, he strives to nurture those values in every project he works in.


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